2nd International Suydersee BBQ Contest | For the teams
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2nd International Suydersee BBQ Contest
31 august - 2 september 2018

For the teams

The teams are welcome to build on Friday, August 31, 2:00 PM.

Each team has a very spacious 8 meters wide and 8 meters deep available.

Each team has a power connection available, but you can take extension cords yourself.

Clean, hot showers will be available for the teams.

We aim for a 100% KCBS certified jury.

The organization would like to welcome the teams to enjoy a hot breakfast with fried eggs and bacon on toast and delicious cowboy beans together with the VIP’s, the volunteers and the judges on Sunday morning next to the 7:07 breakfast.

You can register via the “register teams” page

Your registration is final if your payment has been credited to the Suydersee BBQ account!

All information is based on the currently known circumstances and agreements, the organization reserves the right to make changes if necessary.

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