3th International Suydersee BBQ Contest

The teams are fiercely fighting for the first place in four categories: chicken, spareribs, pork shoulder (pulled pork) and brisket (bovine robin). The team with the highest average over these 4 categories will be declared the Grand Champion of this competition. The delivery of the products will take place on Sunday from 12.00.

To make this event even more attractive for visitors, fun, educational and interesting activities will be organized during the weekend. As on both days, inflatables for the youth and an “experience” market with a variety of exhibitors. On Saturday a demonstration “pig cut out” and “prepare for the BBQ” and also the Steak Cook-Off, according to the rules of the SCA (Steak Cook-Off Association) will be held on Saturday. On Sunday after the “KCBS 7:07 breakfast” (this is the traditional “breakfast” which is celebrated by the teams and consists of a shot glass of Jack Daniels) the VIP’s, the teams and the judges are welcome for a breakfast, what we provide with fried eggs and bacon on toast and delicious cowboy beans.

In addition to clean toilets, there will be clean hot showers specially for the teams at the location. Of course, the volunteers and judges who have spent the night on the site can also use this. There is a campsite a few minutes away from the competition grounds (they even have a limited number of cottages)

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